Ladies & Gents…I’m Back!!

Well it’s only been three years since I could come up with a decent rant!  JUST KIDDING!!!  First my computer got taken over by my kids and then the stupid thing broke!  Finally, thanks to my taxes, I got a laptop!!  Very exciting stuff…Although it took me forever to remember how to get back into my blog and now I have to go pick up my kids from school!  This message is short and sweet…depending on if you like my blog or not lol…





A Smile Works Wonders

ranting-and-ravingToday isn’t so much a rant I suppose…it’s more like a confession along with a rant I guess you could say…shoot…I don’t know what you would call it. Penelope suffers with depression. I think I have mentioned this before in a previous post, but I don’t think I’ve said that I suffer from bi-polar depression. Now part of my rant is that of the uneducated. A lot of people hear bi-polar and they think crazy people that walk around talking to themselves waiting to kill their next victim. Well WE ARE NOT!!! Speaking for myself…I have mood swings that vary…my lows are very low and my ups and very hyper. That’s the best way I know to explain it.  When I’m low I’m in bed with my head under the covers…When I’m hyper I have the cleanest house…car…and farm in the town!  I’m sure there is a better way to describe it, but that’s what I have for now. I’ve been on a low for a while now. I can’t seem to pull my head above water…above the covers…beyond the blues if you will. My low is low and it is dragging on…I am normally quite the bubbly personality…so it amazes me how people are so NOT understanding. Samuel is wonderful, don’t get me wrong…I could not do this without him, but the people who know better…well…what the hell! I understand that no one knows my diagnosis and honestly it’s no ones business, however…when someone who is normally bubbly lacks a smile and sheds some tears then obviously they could use a boost. I see this with a friend of mine. She too fights depression and I have noticed that she is not her normal bubbly self. Now right now, I am probably not the best person to be boosting if you will…and I am not talking about cars lol! However, I am doing my level best to offer a smile and a funny moment when I can…I know she is doing the same for me. I guess us depressed people can spot another…like a depression sonar! I think I am writing this more for her than I am myself…kind of. She works so hard…She has children and a husband she takes very good care of and to say the least she MUST be overwhelmed with it all. Yet she picks herself up everyday and heads out again. My situation is different…I have kiddos, but I have a lot of alone time due to their ages. My spare time gives me a lot of time to dwell. Dwelling is not good for a person fighting depression. I know that this blog seems like a pitty party, but that is not my intention. I guess my point is…don’t jump to conclusions about things of which you do not fully understand, such as depression and bi-polar disorder…or whatever it may be. And if you see someone you think may need a smile…Please give them one…You never know how badly they may need it…A smile works wonders for the aching heart!


Hearts #3

A Rant Free Moment…

ranting-and-ravingMy rant today is about quandaries! Why are there so many? It seems like every time we turn around: quandary…quandary…quandary. Give us a break oh great quandary maker! For once let people turn around to a little peace and tranquility! Wouldn’t it be beautiful if we could turn around and just see the sun shining on our faces and a sweet breeze gently blowing across our face with the cry of a soft bird in the distance? Instead most times we turn around to yet another problem that has to be solved be it small or big! As small as what shoes to wear or as big as a life changing decision. If you think about it, life’s daily quandaries are what exhaust us the most. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. I say we make it a goal to at least once a day have a tranquility moment…a quandariless moment (I might have made that word up!)…a rant free moment!  Yep I said it!  A rant free moment…

Don’t Bug!

ranting-and-ravingWhy is it that people do things just to annoy others? I do not understand this. For instance…right now my father-n-law is doing his utter best to annoy the crap out of some people that really don’t deserve it. That is even a bad way to put it…who DESERVES to be annoyed…besides your little brother or sister lol. It seems in today’s society there are so many annoying things going on already be it big or small, that we don’t need other people just annoying others to annoy…let’s just not bug each other!  How’s that for some deep thought…don’t bug! Who knows…I could be bugging you with this seemingly random rant right now, and if I am…I’m sorry, it’s unintentional bugging. So for the love of Pete man…DON’T BUG!!!

Shopping Gas!

ranting-and-ravingWhy is it that when you go to Wal-Mart or any other chain store like it, you can’t just go in and buy what is on your list?! I mean I can go in there… list in hand…determined that I am ONLY buying what is on my list…No sir…nothing extra this time…and I walk out with a new shirt! It’s like a disease or something. If it says SALE then we have to look! I have even tried wearing hats and sunglasses as shopping blockers people! I have even taken my husband but he walks out with something, even if it’s that extra bag of cookies!!! I think it’s some kind of gas or something we know nothing of…some kind of shopping gas! Am I the only one with this disease or are there others? I see men and women with carts overflowing and it’s not just with food…and when it is with food, you know all of it wasn’t on the list! Come on, it’s not just stuff you forgot either. I mean you can blame some of it on that but not ALL of it! I even bought a roll of duct tape one time…and pencils, just because they were on sale! I didn’t need the pencils, but what the hell…it was a good deal! Was it a good deal…or was it the shopping gas?!!! Surely it’s the gas because we wouldn’t just randomly buy things that we don’t need just to be buying things…not us…right???


ranting-and-ravingSo have I ever mentioned that family turmoil is one big RANT?! Why me?, and with probably most other families in the world…yes?…no?…maybe?? Surely I’m not the only one out there! Penelope you may say…how bad can it be? I live next door to my in-laws and 5 1/2 minutes away from my sister-n-law. Any questions? OH…I also live in the country with quite the drive before I hit “town”. Now let me give you a little history…Samuel and I are high school sweet hearts, however we went our separate ways because we were young and dumb and we were both married to others for about 15 years before divorces were final and we met back up again. Now… I thought I was walking back into that family I knew when I was in high school, and boy was I wrong…but I didn’t figure it out until we got married and I moved into familyville! I recently posted a blog on gossip and well that will give you a heads up as to the turmoil! I am an outcast. This truly sucks because both of my parents have passed and I was really hoping for something quite different. I stick to myself which is funny because I am the center of the turmoil!!! Surely there are people out there with similar issues! Come on people…show me some love! Those of us that live in families surrounded in turmoil of which we have no control over MUST stick together! I know I sound totally ridiculous right now, but I guess you could truly call this a RANT from the heart! I am the most non-confrontational person ever! I hate it with a purple passion…I will turn the other cheek…walk the other direction…you name it…I HATE confrontation. Yet here I sit. I guess you could say there is no confrontation because I’m just staying in my house! Very odd I tell you…remember where the family lives…you can’t forget that (lol). There is turmoil even when there is nothing to have turmoil about. Did I mention I have a very aggressive father-n-law that likes to tell Samuel how we should live our lives?…that’s another blog all together! I know I’m rambling, but I HATE TURMOIL!!! RANT…RANT…RANT!!!! I HATE TURMOIL!!!

Just Keep Your Mouth Shut!

ranting-and-ravingI’M BAAAACK!!  So GOSSIP is the topic of the day!!! Why is it that people have to talk about other people? I will NEVER understand this…What is it in the brain that produces a potty mouth!! I would think that everyone has enough drama in their own life that there is no need to add more to your personal life or to others. I mean come on… either someone has entrusted you with information that is to be confidential in nature or you are guessing and inflecting your opinion about something that should be in confidence. I’m not a therapist, thank the Lord, but for the love of all that is good… one just needs to keep their mouth shut! It does absolutely no good to gossip and spread negativity in a world where there is so much negativity already. Everyone has hardships that they are dealing with and no one needs more useless…undeserved…high school drama! It’s not difficult people! What happened to “do unto others as you want done unto you”! I don’t know anyone who enjoys being talked about to others…if you do…well…I don’t know what to say to you except please don’t do it to others…We don’t like it…We don’t have time for it…and it causes unnecessary stress and pain. As you can tell I’m speaking from experience right now. This is recent for me, and I can tell you the gossip is untrue and hurtful! It’s not only emotionally painful but it makes me feel physically sick. Gossip hurts people…If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all! We teach our children this adage at a very young age, yet as adults it’s like the most simple of qualities is so easily lost. Well everyone should try to rekindle this old adage into their everyday thinking pattern. If you can’t be nice…KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!